Stratton Mountain Village

5 Village Lodge Rd
Stratton, VT 05155

Property Highlights

Stratton Village is located in Stratton located in Stratton, Vermont. Stratton is the tallest ski mountain in Southern Vermont and easily accessible from New York City, Boston, Albany, and Hartford, and its great location has created a strong base of affluent visitors and second homeowners in the area that enjoy the mountain year-round. 

Leasing Agent
Greg Ix
Property Manager
Caroline Dollard
Site Plan
Interactive Map
Marketing Documents
Coming Available
01A First Run Sports 3,253 SF
02A Stratton Clothing Company 1,092 SF
02B North Face 2,121 SF
02C Head Case 947 SF
2DA Storage 603 SF
2DB The Stratton Corporation 335 SF
03A Benedict's 1,327 SF
04A North Face 776 SF
04B North Face 773 SF
05A Dashing Bear 1,942 SF
06A BCD RE Office 3,229 SF
06E Fire Tower 4,450 SF
07A Stratton Corporate Offices 3,173 SF
08A Mountain Sweets 1,092 SF
08B Bar 802 and Burro Loco 1,940 SF
08C Mad Coffee Roasters 929 SF
08D Stratton Spa 1,843 SF
09A Burton Store 2,939 SF
10A Stratton Mountain Deli & Market 3,025 SF
11A Von Bargen's Fine Jewelry 658 SF
11B Mulligan's 11,390 SF
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